wins bodil

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Winter Brothers wins Bodil for best film and for best cinematography. Congrats to the crew, cast and everyone who made this film possible.

9 wins for winter brothers

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Winter Brothers won 9 Roberts (danish academy awards). Congrats to the wonderful cast and crew. More here. Best film, best director, best main role, best supporting role, best cinematography, best sound design, best production design, best costume, best makeup.

winner / grand prix

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Winter Brothers won the Grand Prix at Annonay Film Festival, France. Congrats to the crew and cast and thanks to the jury and the programmers at Annonay.


grand prix

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Winter Brothers wins Grand Prix at Angers film festival along with Russian film Tesnota.

interview 6#

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Exploring the undknown by Wendy Mitchell

INTERVIEW. Director Hlynur Pálmason blends beauty with brutality in his debut feature "Winter Brothers," the result of a highly organic process. The story centres on two brothers working in a limestone quarry, focusing on the younger brother Emil and his hunger for love and acceptance. Read the interview here:


interview 5# / radio

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Constructive forces

Interviews with artists who deal with social and political issues, often on the fringes, conducted by Kate Yoland. This week: Hlynur Pálmason, an Icelandic filmmaker whose feature debut, 'Winter Brothers,' recently screened at the London Film Festival 2017. Palmason’s story follows Emil, played by Elliott Crosset Ove, a young man who works in a remote limestone mine with his stronger, more stable brother - depicted in a powerfully tense underground world and a bleak, washed out environment in the upper air.

Listen here.