EN MALER (a painter)

Synopsis: We follow a painter, a successful artist living alone and isolated. Driven only by his work, he finds himself lost when he’s forced to deal with his unannounced son and other outsiders that stand in the way of his work and get him out of balance.

Duration : 30 minutes / Language: Danish, Icelandic, English / Subtitles: English / Format: 16mm COLOR

Main selections:

Odense Film Festival, 2013. Odense, Denmark

Nordisk Panorama, 2014. Malmö, Sweden - competition / new nordic voice

Silouette Film Festival, 2014. Paris, France

Reykjavík International Film Festival, 2014. Reykjavík, Iceland

Kyev International Film Festival, 2014. Kiev, Denmark.

Main awards:

Won best danish short film at Odense Film Festival, 2013. DENMARK

Won best short film at Reykjavík International Film Festival, 2014. ICELAND